Lawn Care Tip: Sod over Seed

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Lawn Care Tip: Sod over Seed

Choosing whether to sod or seed your landscape can be a tough decision. But as with any decision, you should definitely be well-informed as to the benefits of each choice. Sod is a popular choice because of its convenience; however there are other aspects to consider.

Sod can be much more expensive than seeding because much of the work to perfect the grass has already been established. Sod usually requires more care after establishment because of the thatch layer associated with it.  Core aeration, lime applications and disease controls should always be a part of a sodded lawns program. Sod is grown at professional sod farms where a Pennsylvania Scranton lawn care specialist has taken the seeds and cultivated an almost-perfect Pennsylvania Scranton lawn. Once the sod is ready, you will have a professionally grown and mature Pennsylvania Scranton lawn placed on your landscape, and the roots are already present, so it’s just a matter of time before they take root and continue to grow. With seeds, you’ll have to wait a few weeks for growth but you can pick the type of seed you would like to have in your lawn. Either way, sod or seed, the way you water will determine if your sod or seed survives! Water is the key.

One of the best parts of choosing sod over seeds is that the grass is virtually weed-free. Seed may require mulch or hay, which can have weed seeds within. The Pennsylvania Scranton lawn care pros at Grasshopper Lawns can help you decide the best option for your lawn. Contact Grasshopper Lawns and schedule a consultation!

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