How to Naturally Keep Your Yard Free of Fleas, Mosquitoes and More

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How to Naturally Keep Your Yard Free of Fleas, Mosquitoes and More

Now that we are preparing to say goodbye to summer and leap headlong into fall, there is probably one part of summer none of us are going to miss, and that’s the pests! Many of us this summer have been plagued by unwanted guests like fleas and mosquitos.

Have you had to spend the whole summer rubbing salves and ointments onto itching bites from these annoying insects? If you want to know how you can turn your yard into a pest free zone without having to use potentially dangerous man made products and chemicals, we at Grasshopper Lawns have found some of the best all natural remedies for you to try out.

Herbs and Flowers

There are many, many different varieties of herbs and flowers that you can plant in your garden that will not only act as repellents to fleas and mosquitoes but make your garden look and smell great as well!

Start preparing some of the following plants and flowers now so they’ll be in full bloom in your yard by next summer!

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm can help in two different ways in your battle against fleas and mosquitoes. The herb is a natural insect repellent, and you can also crush the leaves and rub them in to your skin as a soothing ointment if you do get bitten.


Lavender not only looks great in your garden, with its vivid purple color and sweet scent, it works wonders for repelling fleas, mosquitoes and even moths. An added benefit of planting lavender in your garden is that it will help to attract bees to your garden, which will help spread your flower pollen and make your yard healthier.


This is a great one to plant if you’re a cat owner. Not only will catnip help to keep fleas and mosquitoes at bay better than the highly toxic DEET – found in most commercial repellents – it’ll also leave your feline friend forever in your debt.

Other herbs and plants that act as repellents include peppermint, basil, feverfew and many more, so get planting!

Cedar oil or chips

Cedar wood is another greatly effective natural mosquito repellent. You can either douse your yard in cedar oil or scatter cedar chips around the perimeter of your yard and home and you should soon start seeing results. Cedar is so effective against mosquitoes because they can’t stand the smell of it, and it even has the potential to kill them and their larvae.


No, this isn’t a loose metaphorical way of saying you should send the nasty critters to hell. Sulphur is naturally occurring, and you can buy garden sulphur dust online. If you use a seeder to spread sulphur dust all over your lawn when it’s dry, its insecticidal properties will help to repel fleas, mites, chiggers and spiders. Using sulphur will have the added benefit of helping to combat any molds or fungal diseases and mildews affecting the plants in your yard.

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