Potassium Humate Function And Benefit

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Potassium Humate Function And Benefit

There are many ways to have a greener lawn and a more productive garden. Adding soil supplements can help but which ones are good to choose for overall benefits? Walk down any garden store isle and anyone would be overwhelmed with all of the choices in soil additives. The addition of potassium humate or black gold as its sometimes called can make a huge difference but what is this product exactly?

Potassium humate is produced from extracting it from lignite or brown coal and is used commercially as a soil conditioner. It is also used by average gardeners and landscapers to improve the garden yield of vegetables and fruits. It stimulates plant growth and in so doing will increase seed germination. Potassium humate which is made from ancient decayed plant life that has released humic acid, will act as a growth stimulate. It also acts as a buffer in harsh soil conditions. Most problems in farming can be traced to low levels of humic acid in the soil.

Using this prevents dry spots in the soil and so less fertilizer is needed. Benefits can be seen even from only one application. Each additional use will increase the health and vitality of the lawn and trees. This makes for greener plants and lawns that are more drought tolerant. Adding this to the soil will increase the soil microbes and buffers against ph changes and harsh fertilizer salts. This will improve yields by initiating stronger root development. It will not damage plants and is safe to use on vegetables and fruits. Additionally, it can be applied to any type of soil condition with increased benefits. Unfortunately this cannot always be said about other fertilizers which can burn the delicate structures of some plants.

Fertilizers that contain humic acid promotes increased nutrient uptake and suppresses diseases. The benefits of using this product is that you will not only have greener healthier plants and trees but they will be hardier and damage resistant. It is fairly easy to distribute this soil additive to your garden or yard. There is no strange smell associated with it unlike manure fertilizers that can sometimes be very potent. A healthy grove of fruit trees bearing abundant produce will be an attractive asset to any home. A deep green healthy lawn will provide extra lushness to your outdoor home activities. Using this addition to your lawn care will make a vital difference.

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