Core lawn aeration and why it is crucial to lawn care

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Core lawn aeration and why it is crucial to lawn care

Have you ever thought of aerating your lawn, or what that even means for that matter? If not, then you’re missing out on a vital part of effective lawn care. Annual lawn aeration helps you easily maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn year round.


What is core lawn aeration?


Your lawn is alive. As strange as that may sound, even that grass and soil in the ground needs to breathe, and that’s why lawn aeration is so important. But, what does this even mean? Well, it is the process of puncturing holes through the soil with a lawn aerator to allow suitable and effective flow of air, water, and various other nutrients. This helps significantly reduce the build up of thatch, improves the soil structure, and helps create growth pockets for new roots.

While it is not a process that is done frequently, for most lawns an annual aeration is fitting, it is something that should not be overlooked. It’s very easy for your lawn to dry up and become unhealthy if nutrients aren’t able to circulate through the soil correctly. Compacted soil is a nightmare for your lawn, as it blocks up any pores and doesn’t allow the roots of your lawn to get what they need. Aeration of your lawn can break up soil layering to let everything flow deeply and to the roots, where the most care is necessary.

The health of your lawn depends upon its ability to soak up all the nutrients, and not just the ones from lawn care. Oxygen and rain can do nothing for your lawn’s health if there’s no way for them to be distributed through the soil. While maintaining your lawn is important, beneficial methods such as simply mowing can take a toll and end up doing damage over time if your lawn isn’t properly aerated.

I’m sure this all sounds fine, but you must be wondering- how does this benefit me? Lawn care, done right, is an involved and extensive process. Aerating can be thought of as a preventative measure, saving you time and money on taking care of potential damage like dried up patches and lack of moisture in your soil. A healthy lawn contributes to a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Besides, having the best looking lawn year round is a reward in itself!

Your trusted lawn care providers at Grasshopper Lawns know how important core aeration is to your lawn, and can easily take care of the task for you in addition to other services. When it comes to lawn aeration, don’t overlook the little things, because they are often the details that matter the most!

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