Tips From Professional Lawn Care Mowers

Tips From Professional Lawn Care Mowers

It’s fairly easy to maintain your own lawn, but when a professional is offering you free advice why wouldn’t you listen to it? If you’ve ever wondered what little secrets the lawn care professionals might have to make the yards they maintain look as good as they do, then these tips are for you.

You’ll learn everything you need to make your yard look like a professional had cared for it. As long as you already have a yard that you’re maintaining, and you’re not having one installed, you should be able to follow these simple tips fairly easily.

The first thing to think about is how level your yard is. If you have high or low spots in your yard they’ll be cut unevenly when you mow. High spots will get cut closer to the ground whereas low spots will be left with higher grass. In order to solve this issue, remove the sod and either fill in the low spots with soil, or remove the high spots, then replace the piece of sod. The sod will root back into the soil and you should end up with a fairly level yard.

To keep the appearance of your yard professional you should make sure all the weeds are removed. There are a couple of ways that you can accomplish this necessity; the first one is to use a weed killer that’s mixed in with your fertilizer. This will ensure that your yard gets the nutrients it needs to grow and will keep most of the common weeds from coming back time and time again. The other option you have is to remove the weeds, roots and all, and replace the area with sod cut from another section of your yard.

The most important aspect of maintaining your yard is finding the proper cutting height of your grass. There’re many things to consider when looking for the right cutting height. If your grass is fairly shaded and gets plenty of water, you can keep it cut a bit lower, but if it’s in bright, hot sunlight and the conditions are too dry, this will cause it to burn and die off.

If you leave it too long it will look disheveled and uneven, which is as bad as having it die. If you take the time to use these tips you should find that your yard will look like it has been professionally maintained.

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