Tips for Lawn Maintenance in Winter

Tips for Lawn Maintenance in Winter

When winter arrives, your lawn should be prepared for the harsh temperatures. There’s no better time then right now to ready your lawn, and here are a few tips on areas you should focus on.

1. Fertilizer

Sometime in late fall, before the extremely cold temperatures arrive, give your lawn one final fertilization treatment. Growth is practically stalled during the winter months, so your lawn won’t immediately use the fertilizer. Similar to how some animals prepare their bodies for hibernation, the lawn will absorb and store the fertilizer in the roots for later use when spring arrives.

2. Mowing

Begin incrementally lowering the mowing height of your lawn mower as winter approaches, to avoid any fresh growth. New growth during winter is vulnerable to many winter diseases, and is also susceptible to drying out when winter winds begin rolling through. Lower the height of your mower until you are just about shaving the grass, but not quite. Lowering your mower should be done in several steps so you don’t end up cutting away all the green tissue.

3. Lawn Clutter

Be sure to remove any clutter and debris from your yard before winter kicks into high gear. Grass has a difficult enough time surviving underneath debris in the warm months, and in the winter time, stray debris, yard equipment, toys, gardening supplies, logs and similar items can smother your grass and damage your turf.

4. Aeration

It is always wise to aerate the lawn before the first big freeze. Lawn thatch will only be compounded by the effects of winter weather. A thorough aeration coupled with a final fertilization will leave your lawn well-prepared for strong growth in spring.

5. Overseeding

Fall is an excellent time to overseed your lawn if the existing growth is struggling. Warm season weeds begin to die off, leaving room for fresh grass to move in and take root. Grass will is able to establish itself in the fall will grow back strong in spring time.

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