Summer Lawn Care Tips

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Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer is jam-packed with outdoor activities: relaxing by the pool, jogging, playing fetch with Fido, tossing water balloons with the kids, and don’t forget the countless holiday parties. So naturally homeowners want their lawns in pristine shape; summer is the perfect time to show off lawn care in Wilkes-Barre! Great looking lawns are achieved not only with the help of your lawn care company, but with some simple input on your part too. Relax, it’s not rocket science. We have a few summer lawn care tips to get your lawn as plush as Pebble Beach Golf Course in no time!

Mowing: If you have your mower set below 3’’, KNOCK IT OFF! In summer months, you should be mowing at least 3’’ high. This may mean mowing (gasp) twice a week rather than hacking it down once every two weeks. Higher mowing promotes deeper roots, reduces the number of weeds in your lawn, and prevents water loss by shading the soil. When you hack your lawn down to the dirt, too much of the green part is removed, which leaves stalky crowns and stems- and ultimately weakens your lawn. Keeping mower blades sharp is also crucial; dull mower blades shred the tips of the grass blades, resulting in a bleached tan color (so when your lawn is brown, check your blade before you disown your lawn care company). Sharpen mower blades several times a year, especially if your lawn is larger.

Watering: Let’s start off by saying that rainfall is NO guarantee when it comes to enough water for your lawn. Just because it rained three days ago for 10 minutes doesn’t mean anything. Most lawns will get along nicely with 1’’ of water per week. In summer when the weather is warmer, you may need to increase to 2-3 times per week. The idea is to soak the root zone enough until the next watering cycle. It’s a cinch: set your sprinkler to water each zone for one hour. If you notice water runoff or puddles forming, cut back to 45 minutes per zone. Also, the most efficient time to water is early morning, when water pressure is highest and evaporation and wind is minimal. The most common error when it comes to watering is light irrigation, or watering every day for a few minutes. This is NOT beneficial because it encourages shallow root systems, which may open the door for several diseases to take over.

Pets: We all love our furry companions, but pets can cause a problem when it comes to doing their business on the lawn. The brown spots where Fluffy marked his territory is due to the high nitrogen content in pet urine. The number one action that pet owners can do is to thoroughly dilute the spots with water within 8 hours. This summer lawn care tips is made even more important in warmer months because of the higher temperatures already causing stress to lawns. If you don’t feel like following good old Fluff around while he takes his sweet time deciding where to go, you may need to reseed the brown spots during the cooler months.

While these summer lawn care tips will help you get a perfect lawn, they are not the only options. For more information and services visit Grasshopper Lawns.

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