Prepare Your Lawn: Winter Lawn Care

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Prepare Your Lawn: Winter Lawn Care

The weather is getting colder and snow is coming!! Don’t neglect your lawn this winter. Make sure to contact a professional lawn care company to prep your lawn for the snow, because as much as you hate to think about it, the snow will eventually come. Take advantage of the fact that we’ve been blessed with a warm winter so far and take the necessary  winter lawn care steps before it’s too late!

Winter Lawn Care Basics

Pre-Winter Lawn Mowing

The most important tip is the need to mow your lawn short for the winter, especially in the northern areas of the country. If the grass is left too long, it will lay over on itself from the pressure of the snow cover. Air circulation around the plant is reduced, and Snow Mold, a destructive early spring lawn disease, can become a problem in your lawn. It can cause large areas of grass to die, or at least weaken in vigor.


Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips

There are several other late fall, early winter jobs that need attention. If you have any perennial plants that have gone dormant, cut back the brown tops. If the tops are still green, wait until they turn yellow or brown before cutting. There is still energy being transferred to the root system from the top growth. Depending upon the amount of snow cover your area receives, you may have to wait until spring to complete this yard care task.


Lawn Furniture Tips

Outdoor furniture should be covered or brought indoors. Clay pots and other outdoor statuary should be brought indoors to keep from breaking. Alternating freezing and thawing of these items could cause them to crack. If they are too large to move, cover them with a plastic tarp.


Snow Clearing

If you are in an area that receives significant snow fall, many of your plants could be damaged from excess accumulation of snow on the branches. This is especially true of evergreen trees, such as Arbor Vitae. Carefully and gently, brush the snow in an upward direction off the limbs and boughs. If they become coated with ice, leave them alone. Trying to break off the ice could damage the tree or shrub, and won’t help much with your tree maintenance. The ice normally melts at a rapid pace, even if the temperatures are below freezing.


So don’t forget to call a professional before the weather gets bad. Sometimes a winter that begins mild can last longer and be much harsher later. If you contact a lawn care service to take care of your winter lawn care needs, you can be sure you will be one of the first people on the block with a nice green lawn come spring time!

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