Planting Grass Seeds

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Planting Grass Seeds

Anyone can plant their own lawn by seed. It is an easy process which takes only a little time. With some effort your can create your very own beautiful lawn! The following are some step by step instructions on how to plant your own grass seeds.

  1. Use good seeds. Make sure that you pick seeds that are appropriate for your climate. Also check to make sure that they have been tested by the NTEP (the National Turf Evaluation Program). Make sure that you are using seeds that are under 10 months old to make sure that they have a good germination rate.
  2. Plant at the appropriate season. This is usually autumn or spring.
  3. Prepare the soil with a garden hoe or spade.
  4. Remove all debris.
  5. Spread a fertilizer to ensure that there are proper nutrients in the soil for your new lawn.
  6. Make sure you don’t use any weed killers. These will kill seedlings.
  7. Spread the seeds over your lawn.
  8. Rake the seeds into the soil. They should be about 1/8 an inch below the surface.
  9. Press seeds into the soil.
  10. Water your new lawn frequently for the next four weeks. This should be done at least 2-3 times a day. Even more in hot dry areas to ensure that the seedlings do not dry out and die.

Following the above methods can ensure the growth of a great new lawn! As you can see, this is an easy process in which almost anyone can complete. With a little bit of time and effort you can have a beautiful new green lawn.

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