Lazy Lawn Care – Getting Away With the Minimum

Lazy Lawn Care – Getting Away With the Minimum

Taking care of your lawn can seem like an endless task. There is nothing worse than looking forward to a relaxing weekend, only to realize that you will be spending an entire day maintaining your lawn. Fortunately, if you take the appropriate steps, lazy lawn care can be a reality. By working smarter, you can get away with only doing minimum lawn care maintenance.

1. Keep the Grass Tall. If you really want to save time and energy, make sure that you always cut your grass on one of the highest settings possible. This will provide you with a lot of benefits over time. Every blade of grass is essential for photosynthesis. If you cut the grass short, it will actually grow faster to get the nutrients that it needs. This means that cutting your grass short, means that you will be cutting it more often. On the other hand, if you leave the grass taller, it will grow slower. Additionally, taller grass creates more shade, which limits the ability for weeds to grow. Tall grass also needs to grow deeper root systems in order to get enough nutrients. These deep root systems suck out all of nutrients available, which will leave nothing left for weeds. Finally, taller grass protects the soil, which means that you will not need to water it as often.

2. Use Tough Love When Watering Your Lawn. Next time you see your neighbors watering their lawn every day, there is no reason to follow suit. There are two drawbacks to watering you lawn all the time. The first is that if you are consistently watering your lawn, the grass will not develop strong root systems, because you are not giving it a reason to. The second problem that you can run into is that if you water your lawn during the day, which many people do, you are more likely to burn your grass. If you are looking to only do minimum lawn care, then you definitely do not want to scorch your grass. In order to determine whether or not your lawn needs grass, simply step on it. If your footprint remains in the grass, then it is time to water it. Another indicator that your lawn needs watered is that it starts to turn a greenish-gray color.

3. Fertilize 4 Times a Year. One of the easiest ways to make lazy lawn care a reality is to fertilize your lawn 3 to 5 times a year. Ironically, when people decide to approach their lawn with minimum effort, the first thing that they quit doing is fertilizing. However, by not fertilizing, you are actually creating a lot more work for down the road. By fertilizing your lawn 4 times a year, your grass will always be healthy and much easier to maintain.

When it comes to lazy lawn care, getting away with the minimum amount of time and effort is the ultimate goal. In order to do this, it is important to cut the grass at one of the highest levels on your lawn mower, not over-watering your lawn, and still making the effort to fertilize 4 times a year.

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