Essentials of Lawn Care

Essentials of Lawn Care

Considering an organic lawn for your home is an excellent idea to evade botheration of harmful and expensive pesticides and fertilizers. One of the best ways of connecting with nature is enhancing the open space around the home with adequate lawn care on a regular basis. This space will not contain harmful chemicals and toxic substances when organic products are used. Following the tips suggested will take you a long way as far as caring for the lawn is concerned. Weed removal on a regular basis is very necessary for which mowing has to be done. Water can be retained in the soil by this process.

Lawn grass needs to be maintained at a height of at least 2.5 inches. At the same time, roots of the grass need to be set well in the soil for stronger growth. If the blades are sharp, the grass can be mowed well. The lawn could appear dry if the grass is cut too short. Once the lawn is mowed, clippings of grass should be retained as they help in fertilizing the lawn. Evening is the best time for mowing the lawn. If it is undertaken in the afternoon it causes greater stress to the grass pads and loosens the soil.

To allow the lawn to breathe well, you should consider using a core aeration machine. Tiny plugs in the soil can be removed with the help of this machine. For proper drainage and root growth promotion, the process of aeration has to be addressed to ensure that oxygen reaches the layers of soil. Build up of anti-growth substances can be avoided by ensuring adequate and periodical aeration. A healthy lawn thrives on adequate aeration of the soil!

Necessary nutrients can be provided to the soil with the use of organic fertilizers. For healthy growth of the turf on the open space around the home, natural and organic fertilizers play a huge role. Soil is best fertilized during fall. It is important to ensure that the soil is healthy enough to hold the roots of grass or the flowering plants well. An important aspect about lawn care is watering. You should plan and set aside a particular time for the sprinklers to step into action mode, so that the lawn gets watered at the prescribed time only. Depending on the climatic conditions and shortages of water, if any, you could consider grey water harvesting. With the right efforts you will gain from a lush, sprawling lawn. Curb pests and weeds in time, which is ‘at sight’.


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