Brighten Up Your Winter Landscape With Color

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Brighten Up Your Winter Landscape With Color

It’s that inevitable time of the year when all the luscious summer plants have withered and the colorful fall leaves have crumbled, and all that’s left is a dead, dreary winter graveyard. How do you make something that look so depressing come to life for the joyful holiday seasons? It’s not as hard as you may believe. When it comes to landscaping there are ways in which you can put the life back on that otherwise grim sight. It only takes a few creative ideas and the aid of your lawn care specialist to get the most out of your landscape on this season.

Until there the winter season passes, there’s not too much you can do with a frozen lawn, but you can surely take the attention off it with a lively and colorful winter garden! Here are a few suggestions that you may want to discuss with your lawncare service provider.

1. Choose the right plants and trees: When it comes to winter plants, there are simply a handful of options that can turn that landscape of yours into a glowing and spirited garden. The oakleaf hydrangea, for example, is a flower that will transform with the weather; its leaves will go from a bright green, to an elegant purple, to a joyful yellow and finally to a solemn brown. Also, consider adding Nandina shrubs to get some of those bright red berries and maiden grass, which is perfect for the season.

2. Let the magic begin: Now that you have the right plants for the season, you can even harvest them occasionally to create stunning decorations. Take advantage of the number of colors you can get from these plants and put them together for a neat arrangement. For example start by gathering some of the leaves from the oakleafe, throw in some of those berries, add a candle or two with some pinecones and voilà! You have a gorgeous centerpiece for your mantle or table.

3. Put that imagination into some use: There are simply many ways to make that landscape of yours a Christmas masterpiece. You have to plant shrubs and bushes that will yield beautifully in winter, yet look sophisticated in warmer months as well. Also, it’s crucial to remember harvesting your plants at certain times. For example, maiden grass should not be harvested until after the first frost and nandina berries shouldn’t be touched until late autumn. However, once you reap your harvest and put it all together, the result is always rewarding. And just like that, you have your self a stunning, economically friendly Christmas that you created yourself! Happy Holidays!

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