Top 6 Summer Lawn Care Tips

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Top 6 Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer heat can take a toll on turf, especially when your lawn care program falls short. If you mow too low, water too much or too little, or ignore early signs of pests, your grass could quickly become lackluster or even completely die in small or large patches. Keep your lawn looking its best all summer long by mastering these summer care tips by Grasshopper Lawns.

Water Properly
For the healthiest grass, water your lawn deeply and infrequently. An easy way to do this is when the temperatures are in the 90’s for several days, water each zone for 45 minutes, 3 times a week. When the temperatures are in the 80’s for several days, water each zone for 45 minutes, 2 times a week. When the temperatures are in the 70’s, water each zone for 45 minutes, 1 time a week.

Clean Up After Your Pooch
The family dog can cause dead spots on a lawn. If you see dying grass due to your dog’s urination, flush the area with water to dilute the urine in soil. The best solution is to create a mulched or pebbled area and train your dog to use that area for bathroom breaks. Also, keep waste picked up and dispose of it properly.

Avoid Parking On The Grass
Driving or parking on the lawn is never a good idea. It leads to soil compaction, which can cause a host of other problems, including dead grass. During drought or times of excessive heat, it’s even wise to limit foot traffic and mowing on the grass to avoid damaging turf crowns.

Let Clippings Lie
If you’re mowing grass at the right height (3” high) or mowing often enough, you can let clippings lie on the lawn. This practice is called grasscycling and saves you time, money and fertilizer.

Fertilize Warm-Season/Cool-Season Grasses
Warm-season turf grows strongly during summer and needs nutrients. If you fertilize cool-season grasses, make sure you use a slow release fertilizer with lower amounts of nitrogen. Summertime is full of insects that could destroy your lawn, check for chinchbugs, grubs and armyworms by getting down close to the lawn and inspecting for them.

Pick Up Litter
Summer activities can result in toys, water games, lawn chairs or tools being left on turf. Pool covers or windows (while cleaning them) left on the lawn for even a few minutes can easily result in burn areas. Avoid harming – or even killing – turf crowns by putting away gear after use.

When taking care of your lawn, it is important to hire a lawn care professional. They will make sure to care for your grass in all the proper ways. These are some tips you can take on yourself in between, before or after a professional comes in to keep your lawn looking great all summer.

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