Leaf Spot

Leaf Spot

Turf affected:  Kentucky bluegrass (especially common bluegrasses), fescues and other lawn grasses

Symptoms:  Small lesions on leaf blades. Dark coloured spots that eventually turn light tan but remain bordered by a dark brown outer edge. Eventually these plants die out and turn brown or straw coloured, this can occur in patches.

Disease occurrence:  Spring, typically during time of cool, wet weather

Management:  Mow the turf high (2.5 – 3 inches) to provide leaves that produce food for the plant and maintain a healthier lawn. Avoid excessive nitrogen fertilization in spring which can promote lush growth. Once area becomes “straw coloured”  assume fertility application to encourage healthy turf and recovery. Manage thatch by aerating the lawn. This will also promote a deeper healthier deeper root system.

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