Lawn Mowing 101 – Tips for More Efficient Cutting & Healthier Grass

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Lawn Mowing 101 – Tips for More Efficient Cutting & Healthier Grass

A person can spend a great deal of time mowing their lawn. Although some find it enjoyable, there are many who would much rather spend that time with family or on other, more important tasks.

Utilizing some of the tips below could save you a great deal of time and money, and will make it easier to have a great looking NATURAL lawn.

  • Mow your lawn in a circular or elliptical pattern spiraling inward and skipping corners – get ’em later (not for those who are infatuated with straight lines – like me). The key benefits of this mowing method are:
    • You never have to turn the mower around.
    • Clippings are blown “inward” for better mulching.
  • Put shredded bark, mulch or ground cover around trees, obstacles, house, etc.
    • Can reduce time spent weed whipping.
  • Mow the lawn when it’s needed, NOT when it’s “Saturday”
    • Never cut of more than 40% of grass blade.
    • Less stress to lawn = less disease, pests = less time and money fixing it
    • Fewer clippings eliminates the need to rake or catch
    • No need to “mow slow” because of tall grass
  • Never cut with dull blades or when wet
    • Won’t tear grass – less chance for disease
    • Won’t take as long to cut the lawn
    • Looks better
  • Let the grass grow long (2 to 3 inches at least)
    • Longer grass blades mean more surface area to catch sunlight, promoting additional photosynthesis
    • Long grass blades lead to deeper and stronger root systems
    • Stronger root systems provide better drought resistance and a thicker lawn
    • Weed seeds are shaded which reduces germination of those seeds – reducing weeds
  • Purchase a mower with a bigger mowing deck
    • A bigger deck means less time mowing (unless you have many areas where a larger deck cannot go)
  • Purchase a mower with a bigger engine
    • A bigger engine often means a better and faster cut

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