Turf affected: All species. Dog Spot

Symptoms: When your pet urinates on your lawn, it can cause the grass to burn out and yellowish dead spots will appear due to the high levels of nitrogen in their urine. It’s worse with female dogs because they typically have stronger urine, and they usually revisit the same spots, but this happens with male dogs as well.

Disease occurrence: Year round

Management: There are several ways to solve the problem of these unsightly dead spots:

  1. Saturate the place where your dog urinates with a large amount of water immediately after it does its duty. This will cause the nitrogen in the urine to be evenly distributed and diluted.
  2. Set aside one particular corner of your yard as your dog’s bathroom and train it to go there when it feels the call of nature. Cover the area with gravel or mulch so it can be easily replaced. This prevents dead spots in your lawn and helps to prevent odor from feces and urine.
  3. Be sure to keep your dog well hydrated in order to lower nitrogen levels in its urines naturally. Your dog should always have access to water at all times.
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