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Regular fertilizer applications are spaced 4-8 weeks apart. Special service applications such as lime, grub control, and aeration/seeding may be applied with, or within several days of, a regular fertilizer application. Printed on each invoice that is left or emailed after each application is information about that service. Please review andkeep thisinformation for future reference. To keep yourproperty inthe bestpossible condition,lawncareis apartnership shared bythe homeowner andus. Good culturalpractices suchas mowing and watering correctly areessential along with our regularly scheduled applications.

WEEDS: Most weeds will begin to wilt within two to three weeks depending upon the type of weed, moisture conditions, temperature and rate of growth. Some types of weeds may need several applications before wilting. If they do not wilt inthis time, please call us. Hard to control weeds such as Nutsedge will require additional applications at anextra charge. By mowing 3+ inches high you will help control weeds.

LIME: Pelletized limemay be applied at any time throughout the season because it isNON-BURNING. Pelletizedlimeisusuallybrownincolor,notwhite.Occasionally,itmaybeappliedwithinthesamedayor days of a regular fertilizer application.

GRUB CONTROL: Grub Control and a fertilizer are usually applied in one application. By using a specially blended mixture offertilizer andgrub control, wecan apply both applications atonetime. One application is made providing both of these services. You will receive one invoice with the total amount due for both applications.

CRABGRASS: Effective crabgrass control must be started early in the growing season. Complete control is impossible because of climatic conditions, timing ofapplication and cultural practices. Ideally, 90% control may be obtained by preventing the weed before its spring germination. By mowing 3+ inches high you will help control crabgrass.

SPRINKLER SYSTEM AND INVISIBLE FENCES: It is the responsibility of the customer to notify our officethat youhavethese underground systems.Afternotifying us,wewillcallbefore any aeration work istobedone.GrasshopperLawnsisnotresponsible foranydamagetothesesystems ifnotmarkedprior to service.

SEEDING:Ournewimproved varietiesofgrassseedsareguaranteedtogerminateiftheyarekeptmoist foraperiodofthreeweeksafterseeding.Theonlyreasontheywillnotgerminateisfromthelackofwater. Ifthesoildries outandtheseed doesnot germinate, thecustomer willbecharged for anotherseeding if they want it reseeded.

BESTRESULT: Forbestresults,programcontentandapplicationperiodsmaybeadjustedtomeetyour specific weather, soil, insect and seeding conditions. All control products and seeds are used on anas needed basis.

SKIPPED APPLICATIONS: Your total program price has been calculated by taking the total cost of all the applications and dividing by the number of applications each program has init.For example: The Lawn Program has7applications perseason.TheRound1andRound2applications cost40%morethanthe other applications, but to make it easier for our customers, we have made all payments an equal amount. If for some reason you decide not to have all the applications in a given program, you may be charged a Skipped Application Fee which is equal to 25% of the skipped application price.

TREEANDSHRUBPROGRAM:This program is designed to protect your valuable ornamental trees and shrubs from damaging insects, mites and scale pests by incorporating an integrated pest management approachtomaximizecontrolwhileminimizinginsectcontrolusage.Thismeansthatcertainornamentals may not receive an insect control application every time. Trees and Shrubs over 20’are not part of this regular program. Tree/Shrub program has limited service area.


No deposits returned after 3days. 1.5% interest plus $1.50latecharge per month charged on accounts past due30 days, annual percentage rate 18%. In event of default, customer shall be responsible for all cost of collection including reasonable attorney fees. Customer may cancel at any time; however, officemustbecontacted2daysinadvanceofyournextscheduledservice.Onceyouraccounthasbeen cleared a cancellation confirmation number will be given to you as proof of cancellation. Cancellation at the time of service (once truck arrives on the job) incurs a$35 charge. Refunds on prepayments are subject to processing fees. Not responsible for damages caused by conditions beyond our control.



SERVICE CALLS: Service calls are free to all customers who are on a full program. For customers who are not on a full program, an additional charge for treatment will be added.

RENEWAL: Grasshopper Lawns Inc services automatically renewt hemselves each year until you tell us to stop.

Consent to Receive Information: Customer consents to Grasshopper Lawns Inc. and its affiliates contacting Customer via automated technology, including calls, texts, emails, service notifications and prerecorded messages, at the number and email Customer has provided pursuant to this Agreement, concerning matters relevant to Customer’s scheduled Services as well as other services or products offered by Grasshopper Lawns Inc.

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