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NEPA Lawn Care Programs and Services

Here at Grasshopper Lawns Inc, we offer several programs that will enhance the health and beauty of your surroundings. Our most popular program, the Lawn Care Program, includes a “weed & feed” type of service that will help thicken your lawn without over applying pesticides. Our program utilizes slow released balanced fertilizer for healthy controlled growth, broadleaf weed controls to take out the widest variety of weeds like dandelions and a control for crabgrass.

We even include beneficial services such as lime to help sweeten the soil and a grub control to stop white grubs from damaging your property. When we come out to analyze your lawn, our knowledgeable staff will recommend the best approach to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.


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Lawn Care Programs

Our Lawn Care Program

Round One: We apply a balanced granular/liquid fertilizer, broadleaf weed control and pre-emergent grass control to get your lawn off to an excellent start!

Round Two: We apply a second dose of balanced granular/liquid fertilizer, broadleaf weed control and pre-emergent crabgrass control.

Round Three: During the third treatment, we apply preventative grub control to protect your lawn from these pests depleting your lawn of vital nutrients.

Round Four: Our fourth visit includes an application of balanced granular/liquid fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, surface insect control and nutsedge control.

Round Five: The fifth application includes balanced granular/liquid fertilization and broadleaf weed control.

Round Six: Our sixth visit will include an application of granular/liquid fertilizer, winter root stimulator and broadleaf weed control.

Round Seven: Our seventh and final round of the season includes a lime treatment to make sure your soil’s acidity is right where it needs to be until next season’s growing season begins all over again!

Lawn Care Programs

Aeration & Seeding

Restores the old worn out grasses with the latest varieties that are more drought, insect and disease resistant. Sometimes even great looking lawns need to be aerated and seeded from time to time. Grasshopper Lawns has been seeding and improving lawns since 1964.

Crabgrass Control

An effective crabgrass control program should be started in the spring. 100% control is unlikely because of changing weather conditions, timing of application, cultural practices such as mowing, and number of years of treatments. Ideally, 90% control can be obtained by preventing this weed before its spring germination.


Lime “sweetens” your soil in areas where soil is naturally “sour” or acid. This is extremely important to growing healthy turf. Grasshopper Lawns can help improve your lawns color and density, control thatch, and increases root development with an annual lime application.

Soil Test

To understand what is going on with your lawn, its important to know what’s going on under your lawn. Grasshopper Lawns provides a soil test service which includes taking soil samples, sending them to a state certified lab, reading the results and recommending solutions to you.

Core Aeration

This is probably the most misunderstood but most beneficial service your lawn could have. Core aeration helps control thatch, improves the soil structure, helps create growth pockets for new roots, and opens the way for water and fertilizer to get into the root zone of your lawn. Grasshopper Lawns recommends annual aeration for most lawns.

Grub Control

There are several types of white grubs that feed on the roots of lawn grasses. All of them can cause severe damage if left untreated. Grubs live and feed in the soil. It’s easy to miss them as they gradually cut the roots out from under your lawn until brown patches begin to appear and the grubs are finally discovered. Call Grasshopper Lawns and we can check your lawn for these damaging insects.

Home Bug Barrier (Perimeter Pest Control)

Is a series of applications beginning in early spring, which establishes an insect shield around your home. This shield drastically reduces the number of insects that can get to or in your home. We keep pests out by targeting where they gain entry as well as areas they hide outside of your home. Call our office to take advantage of this valuable service to protect your home from uninvited guests!

Total Vegetation Control (TVC)

Many homeowners and business people have long ago given up trying to fight overgrown vegetation problems in gravel lots, fence lines, etc. with hand labor, such as sickles, mowers and weed wackers. They are slow and costly! We have a better solution. Grasshopper Lawns Total Vegetation Control Program. Three to four applications will control unwanted weeds, grasses and brush for one growing season.

Lawn Care Service Area

Grasshopper Lawns, Inc. offers superior lawn service PA to Luzerne, Lackawanna, Northampton & Lehigh counties, including: Clarks Summit, Mid-Valley, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, Back Mountain, Mountain Top, Hazleton, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and surrounding Pennsylvania communities.



Our program utilizes slow released balanced fertilizer for healthy controlled growth, broadleaf weed controls to take out the widest variety of weeds like dandelions, and a control for crabgrass.

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