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Berwick PA Core Aeration

Core aeration is probably the most misunderstood, but most beneficial, lawn service. Aeration helps control thatch build-up, improve soil structure, create growth pockets for new roots, and opens the way for water and fertilizer to reach the root zone of your lawn. In order to keep your lawn looking healthy and fresh, the Berwick lawn care professionals at Grasshopper Lawns Inc. recommend aerating your turf every year.


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Berwick PA Power Seeding

Is your lawn looking worn out and in need of a serious makeover? Power seeding helps restore your turf by laying down the latest varieties of seed that are more resistant to drought, insects, and disease. Even if your lawn is looking fabulous, you will want to maintain that look by annual seeding. To learn more about how power seeding can benefit your lawn, call the Berwick lawn care pros at Grasshopper Lawns Inc. today!

Berwick PA Lawn Soil Testing

In order to understand what is happening above the ground with your lawn, it’s important to know what’s going on underground. Our certified technicians will conduct soil testing to better understand your lawn’s needs. We take soil samples and send them to a state-certified lab. Once we have the results, we will immediately report back to you and go over the analysis. For reliable and expert Berwick Pennsylvania lawn care, call Grasshopper Lawns Inc.!

Berwick PA Mulch Bed Weed Control

Don’t have the time to fight the long battle against unwanted weeds? Let the lawn care experts at Grasshopper Lawns Inc. take care of those weeds for you! We will put you on a program that will greatly reduce the amount of weeds growing in your lawn, mulch beds, and other areas of your landscape. Typically three to four applications a year will keep the weeds from becoming a nuisance. For best results, this program must be started prior to weed germination, which is in early spring.

Berwick PA Total Vegetation Control (TVC)

Many homeowners and businesses have given up on fighting overgrown vegetation in gravel lots and along fence lines. The very idea of hand-weeding is enough to induce phantom hand cramps! Sickles, mowers, and weed whackers only temporarily eliminate the problem. So what’s the solution? Let Grasshopper Lawns Inc. tackle your overgrown vegetation problem for you! We will apply three to four treatments that will control unwanted weeds, grasses, and brush for one growing season. For premium Berwick Pennsylvania Lawn Care, call Grasshopper Lawns Inc. today!

Berwick PA Perimeter Pest Control (PPC)

Looking for a pest control program that actually works? Grasshopper Lawns Inc. has just what you’re looking for! We will begin applying our safe and effective bug barrier products in the early spring, which will establish an insect shield around your home. This shield drastically reduces the number of insects that can reach your home’s perimeter, much less get into your home. For lawn service you can count on, call Grasshopper Lawns Inc. today!

Berwick Pennsylvania Lawn Care Service Area

Grasshopper Lawns, Inc. is your number one choice in lawn care Pennsylvania for Luzerne, Luzerne, Northampton & Lehigh counties, including: Scranton, Clarks Summit, Mid-Valley, Scranton, Berwick, Berwick, Back Mountain, Berwick, Hazleton, Allentown, Berwick, Berwick and surrounding communities.

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