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Lawn care services and your home garden

Your neighbor down the street just redid their home garden and you cant help but be envious. Everything looks so green, lively, and perfect. You know the next step is for you to make your garden even better, but with a busy schedule, you just don’t have the time for the tedious upkeep. Luckily, many lawn care services in Scranton are prepared to help.


Lawn care services in Scranton


The best way to make a beautiful home landscape without too much stress is by investing in some of the most popular ornamental plant species. Ranging from flowers to shrubs to trees and more, these species include roses, tulips, ornamental trees, shrubs and even herbs. Each of these elements brings something unique to the table, making your garden beautiful and fully functional. Any plant can be a sight on its own however, when combined, everyone will wish they had a garden that looked just like yours. The best part is, you can give life to your landscape without lifting a finger. No one will ever have guessed that you used any lawn care services in Scranton.

The rose is the most classic flower of them all. Surprisingly, what many people do not know is that when it comes to using them in your garden, there are many easy ways to combine them with other elements. You could decide to use rose bushes if you want them to be a prominent feature, or you could go for miniature roses or shrubs as an accent. One of the more versatile flowers is the tulip. The best thing about the tulip is that you can dig your tulips up and store them during the winter for a cost effective and beautiful addition to your home. They come in a variety of colors, so you could choose to use them all or just a few to brighten your garden up with shades that fit your lifestyle. Lawn care maintenance programs can even take ornamental tree and shrub planting. There are a variety of choices, like cherry, apple, lilac, and fir.

Lastly, ornamental herbs are great for fantastic smells and are useful when it comes to cooking. Some of the most popular varieties like lavender, sage, and mint can spruce up your landscape during the spring and summer months to come. Just because you don’t have time in your life to make your landscape work, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it. Lawn care services in Scranton are always here to help make your landscape look its best.

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