Lawn Care – How Frost Affects Grass Seeds

Lawn Care – How Frost Affects Grass Seeds

Having a beautiful lawn with lush green grass is a dream of every home owner. Your lawn shows your aesthetic sense and reflects your personality. A beautiful and healthy garden is a thing of beauty which makes every home owner proud, but this can only be achieved through proper lawn care. Making a lawn is no doubt hard work, but keeping it looking great through the years is even harder.  This becomes even harder during winter season.

The most threatening thing for a lawn during the winter season is “frost”. Frost occurs on cold and clear nights, when the weather is extremely cold.  So I would suggest never think of seeding grass in that season. The growth of grass depends on how you kept and stored the seed.

You have to understand that you can’t plant grass at any time during the year. There is a time for planting the grass seeds. Never think of planting grass seeds during the winter or early spring season as the frost will spoil the seed and make it unviable. The best time for planting the seed is mid spring when the air is warm and moist. This is the best climate for the germination of grass. In parts of the world where spring season is comparatively dry and warmer, the planting of grass seeds should be done in early spring when the frost subsides. For good lawn care you should keep a close watch on the weather conditions and find out which are most suited for sowing new seeds in your area. As a rule, never go for sowing when the ground is cold.

When you see the climate is suitable for planting grass seeds, dig the ground four to five inches, take the seeds out from storage and sow them. By the time the seeds begin to germinate; the temperature would be perfect for the grass to grow. So the best time to plant grass is early or mid-spring season depending on your area. This means that grass needs moist and wet climate for good growth. So if the natural moisture is not available; then water the grass with you irrigation pipe.

So for good lawn care the most important thing is to prevent grass seeds from frost as it is not at all suitable for them. It’s important to wait for the frosty season to get over and then think of taking the grass seeds out of tis storage container.  As each seed contains a tiny droplet of water at its core to be used upon germination if that water freezes because of the frost it will expand and damage the seed. So let the frosty season go and wait for the spring to plant grass seeds.

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