Is Perimeter Pest Control Worth It?

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Is Perimeter Pest Control Worth It?

A question that we experts at Grasshopper Lawns get quite often is about perimeter pest control and how effective it is. Everyone wants to know, is perimeter pest control worth it or not? We can say with certainty that it will protect your home. It involves five different treatments at several intervals in the beginning of the spring that helps shield your property against all kinds of insects from cockroaches to bed bugs. By hiring our lawn care services in Wilkes Barre, you are choosing the best kind of protection available in Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Allentown, and all of NEPA for your residential or commercial property.

Wilkes Barre Pest Control

The benefits of employing this 5-step procedure in your lawn’s care routine speak for themselves. We specifically target the areas of your home that pests are most likely to enter, and stop any unwanted invasion. Also, the application of our perimeter spray procedure is completely colorless, odorless, and virtually non-toxic to human beings and pets in the vicinity. Our pest control is especially effective because it covers a range of threats, not just one.

Therefore, to answer the question “is it worth it?” the only answer could be- YES! Perimeter pest control is effective and can save you the thousands of dollars in pest control that might lose from pests making it into your home. Grasshopper Lawns specializes in the delivery of high-quality, efficient lawn care services in Wilkes Barre servicing commercial and residential lawns. Contact us today for further information on perimeter control and how you can sign up for our 5-step pest prevention service.

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