Caring for your lawn while decorating for the holidays

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Caring for your lawn while decorating for the holidays

With Christmas approaching fast, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to decorate your lawn and also think about lawn maintenance and lawn care in NEPA. The winter can pose many risks to lawn maintenance – so it’s good to be prepared. Christmas decorating has become a nationwide pastime that used to be contained in the home but has since spread to the roof, down driveways, and now into lawns!

Every year seems to trump the last – with more amazing and jaw dropping decorations popping up. In general, Christmas decorations will not do much – if any – harm to your lawn. However, proper lawn maintenance involves are few quick tips to keep your lawn in tip top shape during Christmas time …

  1. If your decorations are on the heavier side, you should not leave them on display for more than a few weeks – if you do, you could have lawn damage to face in the spring!

  2. Keep lights and any lighted outdoor displays on a timer – minimizing the need to walk across your frozen lawn to turn them on and off, day after day.

  3. Also ensure that your lights are not shorting or frayed and if you use candles as part of yours decorating – be sure not to leave them out unattended for hours on end. That could turn into a fire in your yard – creating A LOT of damage.

Now, what about making sure that you have the proper lawn care in NEPA for the winter? There are a few things that you should be doing in the winter to make sure there is minimal to no damage to your lawn during this time of year …

First, you should be cleaning up your lawn on a regular basis. Make sure to pick up debris or any fallen branches. Any snow that falls on these can smother the grass that lies underneath it. Also, like suggested above – minimize walking on the lawn – it can break and wear down.

Follow these simple tips to have great lawn maintenance and lawn care in NEPA!

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