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Choosing The Right Grass For Your Yard

Choosing the right grass for your yard can make the difference between having a low-maintenance lawn and one that requires a lot of upkeep. Grass seed that grows slowly, thickens easily, and discourages weeds or other pests is important for a healthy lawn. Grasses vary in color, appearance, and growth habits.


Using Sawdust in Your Compost Pile

Most people who keep a compost pile  know about the typical things you can add to a compost pile. These things may include weeds, food scraps, leaves and grass clippings. But what about some of the more unusual things? Things that may not come out of your garden or your kitchen? Things like sawdust.


Lawn Care – March

This time of year its good to get a nice slow release granular or liquid fertilizer application down now along with a crabgrass preventer. Broadleaf weeds should be taken care of now and throughout the year also. With all the acid rain our state gets it wouldn't be a bad idea to lime the lawn now, of course a soil test will let you know exactly what your lawn needs. Core aeration will help wake up the lawn and improve water take up and help control thatch. With such warm weather now is a great time to do perimeter pest control to keep the pests outside where they belong.


Tips for Choosing Lawn Edging

Lawn edging serves many purposes. Regardless of the landscape there is lawn edging that will match the needs with which it requires. Choosing one that complements the home will not only enhance its appearance but also increase its value. Selecting the right lawn edging for beds, borders, walkways, etc. will significantly reduce lawn maintenance, such as mowing or weeding. Lawn edging is a great way to help define borders, creating a barrier between the lawn and other areas of the landscape.

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