The Importance of Total Lawn Care: Keep Kids Safe in Your Own Front Yard

The Importance of Total Lawn Care: Keep Kids Safe in Your Own Front Yard

Most people take for granted that their own front yard is a safe place for children to play. After all, one’s home should be a haven where their family finds comfort, love, and safety. However, when people have children, they soon learn that it’s important to be vigilant about safety in all areas where kids play, even if it’s their own home or lawn. Here are some ways that parents can ensure a child’s safety when little ones are playing outdoors in the yard. Here’s a hint: total lawn care is more important than many realize.

Supervise Without Exceptions

When children are playing outdoors, it only takes a few seconds for them to run from the yard onto the road. Even if a family lives on a quiet street that doesn’t get much traffic, no one ever knows when an inexperienced or careless driver may be on the road. Child predators and loose stray dogs may also pose dangers in the outdoors. Parents need to protect their children by supervising all outdoor activities, or if the children are older and responsible, by enforcing the buddy system. Parents can also enhance the safety or their yard by installing a fence or designating a play area, like a patio or swing set, where children can play within sight.

Take Good Care of the Yard

An unkempt yard can create a variety of risks for a little one. A snake may hide in a wheelbarrow that’s left sitting with water or in grass that’s grown too high. Families need to take great care of their yard or hire a service that can do so. Lawn care professionals can provide advice on how to landscape in a way that enhances the yard while keeping kids safe.

Check on Trees

In addition to more obvious outdoor hazards like standing water or spare wheelbarrows, the plants themselves may cause risk to little ones. Make sure that all trees are in good health to minimize the risk of a falling branch hurting children. Professionals will be able to check out the tree’s overall root system, the conditions of its surrounding soil, and a vast variety of other things that contribute to tree health. Families can then rest easy as kids explore the trunk of the tree and play underneath its branches. This is just another example of how total lawn care involves assessing not only the beauty of the yard but also its safety.

Finally, parents should keep in mind that their children are inevitably going to get small injuries, cuts, and bruises as a normal part of healthy play. By using these total lawn care tips, they can better safeguard against preventable, potentially bigger injuries.

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