Lawn Care Experts Shared Some Of The Must-Have Mulch

Lawn Care Experts Shared Some Of The Must-Have Mulch

Mulch does great for any lawn and garden. In fact, experts in lawn care have provided some of the great things that mulching has in store for an outdoor space. First, it will help the soil retain water for the plants. Second, it will prevent soil compaction. Third, it has an insulating effect on the soil, meaning that the trees, grass, and plants can be protected from extreme heat and cold. Lastly, it prevents weeds from growing as well as competing with the roots of other plants.

It is for this very reason that mulching must be a part of your lawn or garden care routine. You can actually get help from established lawn care professionals to do quality mulch installation on your property. No matter who gets to perform this task, there are several important points that everyone must know.

2 Kinds Of Mulch

Organic – These will include tree bark, compost, grass clippings, wood, and leaves.

Inorganic – These will include rubber chips, landscape fabric, non-woven geotextiles, stones, and plastic sheeting.

Choosing which of these types you must use will greatly depend on your lifestyle and individual needs. If you are looking for mulch that will enhance the quality of your soil and that if you have a hard time working around your yard, organic mulch surely is a better option since this will require adding more. But if you do not need to change up your plants and have little time to do yard work, inorganic mulch surely is the best as this is more or less a permanent mulching solution.

Mulching Tips You Must Know

Opt for mulching materials that will suit your preference – Shredded bark and wood are pretty; however, they only add few nutrients to the soil. Grass clippings are great solutions as well but if you put a lot, they may easily become soggy. Compost, on the other hand, can be nutritious for the plants but they might be great at keeping weeds at bay. You can also make use of cocoa hulls but they are costly. Apart from that, they also have a distinct smell that most people do not like and can be toxic to your dogs.

Put in a little only – Just place about 2-3 inches of mulch. This is enough to prevent weed growth, discourage pests from settling in and keep the soil moist.

Apply mulch any time – You do not need to find out the perfect time to apply mulch since it can be done any time of the year.

Applying mulch might seem an easy task but it can be detrimental to your lawn and garden when it is not done properly. Get help from lawn care professionals today.

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