Lawn Areators

Lawn Areators

If you want to make sure that the water you apply to your lawn will actually reach the roots, you should look at how a lawn aerator can help you. This lawn and garden tool consists of a long handle with two prongs on each side. By using the prongs you can provide holes in the grass or around the plants to allow moisture and nutrients to reach the roots. You can also get a water injection version of this tool. This version has an optional brass shut-off to control the water that goes into the soil.

The aerator provides holes up to 4 inches deep, which eliminates any chance of soil compaction. You can easily use this in areas where the soil is compacted and hard to dig through. In areas where the weather is hot in summer and there is not much rain, you will be sure that water will reach the roots. High traffic areas of the lawn and places that have become dried out will really benefit from this system.

To use the water injection in combination with the aerator all you have to do is attach the garden hose to the tool. You turn the water on high and push the prongs into the ground with your foot. You keep pressing until the footplate is level with the ground. You do need to let the aerator stay in the ground until the water that comes to the surface foams and bubbles. You should see a ring or water around the area. You do have to repeat this process on other areas of the lawn.

There is also a coring style aerator that you can use for smaller areas of your lawn. These may be places that need immediate attention and you don’t need to do all of the lawn. You can choose from aerators that have 3, 4 or 5 prongs.

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