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Insect control service for the spring

Spring fever is in full swing with the sunny and warm season just around the corner. Everyone is anticipating the regrowth of their grass and the blooming of flowers. The one downfall that comes with springtime, however, is insects. Looking into Grasshopper Lawn’s insect control service could potentially save your home from these pests.

Pest and bug control service in Scranton

Pesky bugs are the absolute worst, and they can definitely ruin your happy spring mood.  If you use a lawn care service in Scranton, those bugs will fly right off your property. As you probably already know, the Scranton area can get a little heavy with pests and bugs in the springtime, which is most certainly a problem when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, and in many cases, indoors, too. Treating your home with the proper insect shield makes for a healthy and bug-free home, and you can only get this type of treatment with Grasshopper Lawn’s perimeter pest control. Your home will be rid of disease-causing ticks and fleas, and all the insects that can make the warm weather nearly unbearable.

Grasshopper is celebrating our 50 years in business, which means that we have perfected the art of lawn care service in Scranton. If you are serious about getting rid of these bugs we know exactly what to do.  We will begin applying our safe and effective bug barrier products in early spring; this will establish a protective insect shield around your home. This shield gets the job done by radically reducing the number of bugs that reach your homes border and much less enter your home. It is so important to use this service because we actually works! You may have tried many pest repellents with harsh chemicals that are costly and just aren’t getting the job done, however, once you use this lawn care service, you won’t have to worry about wasting money on pointless projects any longer. It is time for you to focus on your home’s landscape coming in full bloom, and having the least amount of pests.


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