Green Lawn Care: Fertilizing

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Green Lawn Care: Fertilizing

Feeding or fertilizing your lawn keeps your grass green and healthy. We know you take pride in having one of the best looking lawns on the block. To us, green lawn care means more than appearance. Being healthy means that it can fight against common stresses. These stresses include heat, cold, drought, mowing, and foot traffic. If you follow our recommended fertilizing plan, you will have a healthy and happy lawn in no time.

The Know-How of Green Lawn Care and Fertilizing Your Lawn


Most lawns are fertilized at least once a year, but we recommend more than that. Ideally, your lawn should be on a feeding schedule where it will be fertilized four times a year. Those four fertilization periods include: early spring from February to April, late spring from April to June, the summer months from June to August, and fall from September to November. If you follow this schedule, we will provide the green lawn care that will make your lawn the greenest it has ever been. Our “Seven Step Weed & Feed” lawn care program ensures your lawn gets the nutrients and care it needs to keep healthy. The program includes five rounds of liquid fertilizer, a round of grub control, and the final round is a lime treatment so your soil acidity levels stay where they need to be until next year’s treatment.

Trusting us as your lawn care service is a big deal. We understand that your lawn is something everyone can see. Proper upkeep is imperative. Having to worry about grooming your lawn can be a hassle, so leave the dirty work up to us. We know NEPA lawn care better than the big name companies because we’re locally owned and we know the area. With the warm weather finally here, make your lawn reflect the liveliness of summertime!

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