Grasshopper Lawn’s Spring Lawn Care Service Checklist

Grasshopper Lawn’s Spring Lawn Care Service Checklist

Can you feel that warm weather that’s right around the corner? Probably not, but that’s okay because spring will be here sooner than you think!

January is the perfect time to start making your lawn care to-do list or start thinking about tasks you want your spring lawn care service to take care of for you. Your list might even include finding a lawn care provider such as Grasshopper Lawns, supplies to buy, or treatments you’d like to be completed.

Having a healthy lawn has many benefits, not just for you and your family, but for your pets as well. A greener lawn can increase the curb appeal. With a more beautiful lawn, you may even find yourself enjoying your fire pit, back yard, or patio more often when the weather is warmer. So get a head start on making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood with Grasshopper Lawn’s Spring Lawn Care Service Checklist!

Snow Mold Damage Control

Gray snow mold is a cold-weather fungus that primarily affects cool-season grasses like those in northeast Pennsylvania. It’s caused by heavy snow and ice suffocating your lawn for an extended period. The wet winter conditions cause a lack of oxygen, which is an ideal environment for fungi to grow. Areas of grass with snow mold can appear grey, white, pink, or have a fungus that looks like cobwebs.

Spring allergies can also be exasperated by snow mold. Hay fever symptoms like coughing, nasal congestion, and burning eyes might be because you’re allergic to snow mold or other fungi present during the springtime.

To treat this type of problem on your own, you will need a rake and some fertilizer. Lightly rake out the snow mold to help break it up. Then add a small amount of fertilizer to help the grass fight it off. However, it’s essential not to add too much fertilizer, or you’ll just end up feeding the fungus and damage your grass even more.

The best solution is to contact a professional to treat your grass if you suspect snow mold.

Feed Your Lawn

When your lawn begins to wake-up in the spring, and the roots start growing again, your grass is going to be hungry. Fertilizing gives your yard nutrients and energy that it requires. If you want a yard that appears lush, full, and green, then you’ll want to fertilize in the spring. If you plan on doing it yourself this spring, be sure to add a soil sample kit and fertilizer to your shopping list. You’ll need a soil sample kit to find out precisely what fertilizer you’ll need to purchase if you don’t already know. Different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium occur naturally in various types of soil. Testing informs you as to which nutrients need to be supplemented. Buying the right nutrients is the key to maximize your lawn. The amount of fertilizer and tools you’ll need is based on the size of your lawn. Fertilizing your yard will also help with weed control.

Lawn Mowing

When the weather finally breaks and you fertilize your lawn, it will start to grow. Once you notice some growth, you will be able to start mowing.

Mowing your yard sounds simple enough, but we have some tips you should follow to keep your lawn healthy. Most people think that cutting your lawn shorter is better for the grass, but unfortunately that’s just not true! Set your blade height to 3 or 4 inches to improve grass health. Higher grass blades will prevent diseases, retain more water, and give the roots shade. Mowing your lawn often during the spring will promote healthy grass. It’s vitally important to maintain a lawn height of 3 or 4 inches.

Do not repeat the same mowing route around your yard each and every time. Change your mowing pattern because it will help you avoid leaving “stripes” on the same areas. These stripes might be aesthetically pleasing, but the grass in those areas doesn’t stand upright so the blades only receive sunlight on one side.

What to do if you don’t want to do it?

You can have a gorgeous, green lawn without touching a drop of fertilizer or pushing a lawn mower. If you don’t feel like putting all these items on your spring to-do list, hire a professional lawn care service instead! Just pay someone to do it for you! Grasshopper Lawns knows exactly how to treat your yard.




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