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Professional Holiday Decorators Can Build Christmas Spirit. Eliminating Hassles for Home and Business Owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) How many years have you been designing and installing Christmas lights?

A.) Christmas Decor has been decorating since 1986, and franchising since 1996.

Q.)  How many homes have you decorated and in what areas?

A.) We currently serve more than 40,000 customers in 48 states and Canada.

Q.) Does Christmas Decor carry liability insurance specifically designed for Christmas decorating?

A.) Christmas Decor franchises are trained, insured professionals.

Q.) How much will it cost us to have our decorations installed and taken down?

A.) Each installation is customized to the property—so the customer can invest as much—or as little—as they want! Each proposal is presented with a number of options. We will help you build your decorating package over time!

Q.)  Do we rent the decor, lease it or do we own it?

A.) All decor is included in the service package. With Christmas Decor’s Service One program, you’ll never own old, worn-out decor again! With our program, decor is automatically replaced when it needs to be – and you will have the flexibility to change colors upon renewal!

Q.) There is no extra cost. Is there a cost to store our lights for next year?

A.) The new Christmas Decor program is all-inclusive—one price for everything.

Q.) Is there a labor warranty just in case the lights stop working or there is a problem?

A.) With Christmas Decor’s Service One program, maintenance is included in the price. We will also conduct proactive service visits throughout the holiday season to make sure your program looks like it did the day we installed it.

Q.)  Is there a difference between your lights and the ones I can buy at my local retailer?

A.) Absolutely! Our decor is manufactured to our specifications—longer-life bulbs and extra fullness on all of our greenery. We also feature UL-rated, outdoor extension cords, a variety of property-friendly installation accessories and commercial-grade specialty décor. You won’t find better quality anywhere!

Q.)  Will you install lights that we already own and can you store them as well?

A.) No, we cannot warranty the quality or workmanship of lights we do not provide.

Q.) Will we need to hire an electrician?

A.) In most cases, no. But with larger installations, additional power sources may be needed.

Q.) Do we need to be home for the installation?

A.) Not for exterior installations. Our trained installation crews are efficient “elves”, and can complete an installation whether you are there or not.

Q.) Who do we contact for service should there be a problem?

A.) You will be provided with contact information for a service representative. We also provide proactive service calls during the season.

Q.) How far in advance do we need to contact you to get a bid and have the work done?

A.) Contact your local service provider as early as possible. The decorating season is short, and our schedules tend to fill up by mid-November.

Q.) Can we determine the time that you take the decorations down?

A.) Yes. A Christmas Decor representative will work with you to schedule a take down appointment that is convenient for you.

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